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Our Hi-Fi speaker range


monitor V.PNG

Monitor V

Bookshelf speakers

A two-way bass-reflex model with a large 21cm midrange/bass speaker, the Monitor V is ideally designed for use in home cinema or Hi-Fi systems.

A www.son-vidé exclusivity.


Monitor IX

Floorstanding speakers

A two-way bass-reflex speaker with a large 13cm woofer, the Monitor IX floorstanding speaker offers great musicality for both home cinema and Hi-Fi systems.

Available in 5 finishes.


Monitor III BT Phono

Active bookshelf speakers

A two-way bass-reflex speaker with a laminar front vent and a large 21cm bass/midrange woofer, the Monitor III BT Phono active speaker is based on the Monitor III's conception.

It features 2x20 watts of built-in amplification, a 16-bit/48 kHz DAC, a Bluetooth receiver and a phono input for direct connection to a turntable.


Monitor III

Bookshelf speakers

The Monitor III bookshelf speaker is one of the most talented compact speakers of its kind and has been awarded the famous 5-star What Hi-Fi label.  

A soft dome tweeter with a response of 50Hz to 22kHz and a 13cm bass-midrange speaker loaded with bass-reflex through a lower tube port give this speaker wonderful audio performance.

Monitor I Eltax

Monitor I

Bookshelf speakers

A two-way bass reflex speaker with a bottom port, the Monitor I builds on the strength of the Monitor III in a smaller, more affordable version.

The compact Eltax Monitor I features two speakers, a 25mm silk dome tweeter and a 100mm bass/midrange driver (shielded) with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 22 kHz.


Monitor ATM

Atmos speakers

The Eltax Monitor Atmos is a 2-way Dolby Atmos speaker with a 120mm driver and a 19mm soft dome tweeter. The speaker is designed to be placed on top of a floorstanding speaker, facing the ceiling, to reproduce the in-ceiling surround effects found in the Dolby Atmos audio tracks of new Blu-ray movies.

Certified, designed and manufactured under license from"Dolby Laboratories"


Monitor Centre

Central Speakers


The Eltax Monitor Centre is a 2-way, bass-reflex system with a rear-firing port. Equipped with a 25 mm dome tweeter and two 130 mm bass/midrange speakers. This centre speaker is a good addition to a quality home cinema system.


SW 800

Active subwoofer

The Eltax SW800 subwoofer is a bass-reflex system with a 20 cm diameter speaker powered by a 60 watt amplifier. It is an ideal addition to a first hi-fi installation or to an entry-level home cinema speaker package.

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