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Introducing the Voyager BT 15 MKII, the second generation of Voyager BT speakers. This versatile and powerful wireless active speaker delivers an exceptional audio experience for all your festive occasions.

With a sensitivity of 99 dB and a power output of 450 W, this speaker provides remarkable sound performance. It is perfect for use with your computer, home theater system, karaoke setup, smartphone, portable audio player, as well as for energizing parties at clubs, bars, concerts, or shopping malls.


  • One of the standout features of the Voyager BT 15 MKII is its True Wireless System (TWS) technology, allowing you to connect two speakers or audio devices to create a wireless stereo system. Immerse yourself in powerful and immersive sound that surrounds you from all sides, transforming your space into a true concert hall.

    The 25mm tweeter and 380mm woofer deliver exceptional clarity and deep bass that bring your favorite music to life. Enjoy an electrifying ambiance at every moment.

    The Voyager BT 15 MKII is equipped with a built-in 12V/7Ah battery, providing up to 6 hours of battery life for extended listening. The power supply is also included (110-230V/50Hz), ensuring convenient and flexible use.

    This speaker offers various convenient features, including connectivity options such as USB, TransFlash card, Bluetooth, and FM radio. The color LEDs and Echo effect add an extra touch of ambiance to create a festive atmosphere.

    The Mic, AUX, and Guitar inputs provide versatile connectivity for use with different instruments and microphones. Express your musical creativity and enjoy a complete audio experience.

    The Voyager BT 15 MKII comes with two microphones and a remote control, giving you full control over your audio experience. Its portable design features a transport handle and integrated wheels, making it easy to move wherever you go.

    Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with the portable, wireless, and TWS functionality of the Voyager BT 15 MKII. Explore the power of the Voyager BT MKII range with its little sister, the Voyager BT 12 MKII, and its big sister, the Voyager BT 15 PRO MKII, and let the music take you to new audio dimensions.

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